Original Art Auction  
Your favorite artists have contributed original pieces that will be sold at a silent auction during the event. Some of these are original art from published books and comic strips, some are one-of-a-kind pieces. All of them are extremely valuable.

The auction has ended. Check the items to see who the lucky winners are. Check back soon for another chance to bid on the unsold items.

Auction Art
Air Conditioning Political Cartoon Jeff Parker$87.00 Info
Aquaman 1 Norm Breyfogle$125.00 Info
Basketball Player 1 Jack Davis$300.00 Info
Basketball Player 2 Jack Davis$300.00 Info
Basketball Player 3 Jack Davis$300.00 Info
Basketball Player 4 Jack Davis$300.00 Info
Batgirl 1 Jose Delbo$125.00 Info
Batman & Robin 1 Neal Adams$380.00 Info
Batman 2 Bob Hall$85.00 Info
Batman Adventures 1 Bo Hampton$125.00 Info
Beetle Bailey 1 The Walker Brothers$250.00 Info
Betty Boop 1 The Walker Brothers$60.00 Info
Bin Laden Caricature Ed Hall$60.00 Info
Bizarro 1 Dan Piraro$50.00 Info
Blondie 1 Dean Young & Dennis LeBrun$95.00 Info
Boat Cartoon Jack Cassidy$60.00 Info
Boner's Ark 1 Mort Walker$100.00 Info
Captain America 1 Andy Kubert$250.00 Info
Captain Marvel 1 Al Milgrom$300.00 Info
Cathy 1 Cathy Guisewite$150.00 Info
Coach Jack Davis$300.00 Info
Death & Taxes 1 Jeff Parker$60.00 Info
Dennis The Menace (color set) 1 Hank Ketcham$275.00 Info
Ed Gamble Political Cartoon 1 Ed Gamble$60.00 Info
Food Pyramid 1 Jeff Parker$60.00 Info
Football Player 1 Jack Davis$300.00 Info
Football Political Cartoon Jeff Parker$60.00 Info
For Better or For Worse 1 (combo) Lynn Johnston$300.00 Info
Ginger Meggs 1 James Kemsley$80.00 Info
Global Warming 1 Ray Russotto$60.00 Info
Greyhound Political Cartoon Jeff Parker$60.00 Info
Hagar the Horrible 1 Chris Browne$100.00 Info
Hi and Lois Strip 3 Chance Browne$125.00 Info
Hi and Lois Strip 4 Dik Browne$150.00 Info
Ironman 1 Bob Layton$195.00 Info
Lena The Hyena 1 Don "Duck" Edwing$100.00 Info
Luann 1 Greg Evans$125.00 Info
Marvin Strip 2 Tom Armstrong$65.00 Info
Marvin Strip 3 Tom Armstrong$70.00 Info
Momma 1 Mell Lazarus$100.00 Info
Momma 2 Mell Lazarus$100.00 Info
Mosquitos Political Cartoon Jeff Parker$60.00 Info
Mudpie 1 Gary Gilchrist$50.00 Info
Nancy 1 Guy & Brad Gilchrist$40.00 Info
Nancy 2 Guy & Brad Gilchrist$40.00 Info
Popeye 2 Hy Eisman$150.00 Info
President Bush Caricature Bruce Beattie$50.00 Info
Ralph Smith Political Cartoon 1 Ralph Smith$40.00 Info
Ralph Smith Political Cartoon 3 Ralph Smith$40.00 Info
Ralph Smith Political Cartoon 4 Ralph Smith$40.00 Info
Scion Original Page Jim Fern$100.00 Info
Sgt. Fury and the Howling Commandos Dick Ayers$140.00 Info
Sgt. Rock 1 Joe Kubert$535.00 Info
Slam Dunk 1 Jack Davis$300.00 Info
Soup to Nutz 1 Rick Stromoski$70.00 Info
Spiderman 1 John Romita & Ed Smith$300.00 Info
Spiderman 2 John Romita$510.00 Info
Spiderman 3 Larry Leiber$135.00 Info
Spiderman Adventures 1 (issue #9) Alex Saviuk$170.00 Info
Spiderman Sunday Page 1 Stan Lee, Alex Saviuk, & Joe Sinnott$330.00 Info
Star Trek VI Arne Starr$125.00 Info
Superman Adventures 1 Terry Austin$120.00 Info
The Lockhorns 1 Bill Hoest$150.00 Info
The Magician 1 Lee Ames$50.00 Info
The Middletons 2 Dana Summers$70.00 Info
The Middletons 3 Dana Summers$70.00 Info
The Phantom 1 Sy Barry$295.00 Info
The Punisher 1 Alex Saviuk$150.00 Info
The Reaper 1 Bernie Wrightson$165.00 Info
The Spirit 1 Will Eisner$250.00 Info
The Team Jack Davis$550.00 Info
Transformers, the Movie 1 Don Perlin$125.00 Info
X-Men 1 Adam Kubert$275.00 Info
Your Angels Speak Gary Gilchrist$52.00 Info